[CLOSED] Training in Malaga

[CLOSED] Training in Malaga

Young people nowadays have more and more mental health problems and lack of social skills, social networks are making young people’s relationships and links with each other weaker and less lasting, as with new technologies it is now very easy and accessible to make new contacts and meet new people. However, young people need to humanize their relationships and maintain direct contact with the real social world, learning to actively participate in it and to transform those things in reality that deserve to be improved at a local level.

The objectives:

  • To train youth leaders and referents so that they are able to promote and manage youth volunteering in an adequate way in their entities and localities.
  • To learn to detect and analyze the needs of young people in different realities.
  • Recognize the added value of volunteering and reflect on the benefits of volunteering for young people with fewer opportunities.
  • To know the profile of the volunteer and the different types of volunteering that exist.
  • To know the stages of volunteering and the educational tools that can be used to welcome, follow up and say goodbye to volunteers.


📍 Malaga (Mollina), Spain.
🗓 Dates: 2 – 9 October, 2023 (including travel days).
👫 Age: 18+ years old.
🛫 Travel expenses up to 360 Eur/person, catering and accommodation are financed by the project.

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