About Us

We are MANO EUROPA, We CreateBuildDevelop Solutions

Since 2017 delivering youth focused activities for those who wish to continue personal and professional development through life-long learning educational programmes.


To provide youth with opportunities and innovative resources, to create and support a network of active citizens and to help them develop their full potential in personal and professional life.


To create and contribute to the active and inclusive society, where young people will be promoting values, such as intercultural dialogue, entrepreneurial spirit, and social integration.


We are open to long-term cooperations which bring new opportunities for both sides. We believe that honest work and real actions that we are doing help youth in improving their skills and making the impact in our society!
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Years of activity
Projects implemented
Our history
New year and big plans ahead!

In 2021 Mano Europa entered with re-designed new website, 4 new international projects approved and, of course, change in our daily work due to COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to adapt our work and activities to new situation with focus on virtual activities. Our organization goals and activities plan for 2021 will be revised till end of Q1 to reflect on the on-going impact pandemic is causing.

Challenging work during the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 we grew our network of international partners as well as having over 100 youth being involved in online workshops and activities. In 2020, Mano Europa developed Strategic Partnership project with other European organizations, what is more, we established partnerships with organisations based outside of the European mainland territory.

Active and productive year!

During 2019, Mano Europa has implemented two international Erasmus+ projects and participated in more than 30 international projects abroad. The first project implemented in 2019 was Training Course “Youth Eco-Entrepreneurship: From idea to rural development” aiming to improve youth workers knowledge on the topics, such as eco-entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, ecology, rural development. The second activty implemented by Mano Europa was Youth Exchange “I know my rights” aiming to increase young people knowledge and understanding about International Labour Standards on employment and to empower young people in personal development by acquisition of necessary competences. During 2019 Mano Europa established 25 new partnerships with other European organisations and together developed 15 youth projects.

A big breakthrough: First international project approved

This year will be left in our memories due to a fact that our first international Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project “Let’s fight unemployment” was approved and implemented in Lithuania. Youth exchange aimed to support youth by helping them to overcome unemployment and its consequences, through developing young people’s competences and knowledge in the areas of self-awareness, entrepreneurship, healthy behaviors, communication, contributing towards the creation of employment opportunities. An unforgettable youth exchange was full of new knowledge, experiences and long-lasting memories. Next to this we organized local workshops and visited local businesses in pursuit of expanding of our local network.

Association founded

Since 2017, Mano Europa has been actively involved in local and international (youth) projects and building cooperation bridges between organizations in the European countries. All activities were based on non-formal education, these activities aimed to underline the importance of experiential learning and non-formal education. Since the very beginning, Mano Europa has been actively encouraging young people to meet and interact with other youngsters from European countries, developed a very diverse experience and knowledge in various topics.