EU Youth Zone

EU Youth Zone

Project Description

“EU Youth Zone” takes a multilevel approach to activate young people to use their voices and express their views and opinions on the EU, to understand European citizenship and Euroscepticism and develop ideas for future Europe, especially in the light of Covid-19 pandemic.

The activities will include research, debates as well as the development of quiz on the EU as a mobile phone application. Activities will be implemented in Serbia, Italy, Greece, Albania, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

The project will be based on the achievements of the EU and on lessons learnt from history, but also reflecting on current trends and enabling participants to challenge Euroscepticism and to suggest possible actions that the EU could undertake to foster a sense of belonging to Europe, to understand the benefits of the EU and to reinforce the EU’s social and political cohesion. The project would especially treat the rise of Euroscepticism in time of Covid-19 when young people felt more “unprotected” in the EU. The project will include countries with different status when it comes to EU – older and newer Member States and accession countries that are on different stages on their road to joining EU. In this way, young people with different experiences, impressions and views of EU would be able to provide their input on the state of EU especially when it comes to youth benefits and youth polices, as well as providing more information on EU response to the pandemics. One of the main elements is understanding of the concept of European citizenship and the role of young people and activists in raising the awareness and understanding about this topic among young people.

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  • To activate young people in European countries to use their voices and express their views and opinions on EU, especially in the light of Covid-19 pandemics.
  • To understand and debate Euroscepticism.
  • To develop ideas and visions for a future Europe for all.

Project is implemented with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.