Fake the system: EU tools against disinformation

Fake the system: EU tools against disinformation

Project Description

The Strategic Partnership project Fake the system: EU tools against disinformation represents a transnational initiative which involves institutions from 6 European countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain and aims to combat disinformation and fake news, especially those against Europe.

The main objectives of the project are:
– Provide the tools to counteract disinformation and the phenomenon of fake news in an active way;
– Development of a critical attitude towards information with low reliability;
– Improvement of the usability of the opportunities of the European Union, through the promotion of European information channels;
– More responsible use of online media by young people.

The expected results therefore concern an increase in awareness at community level of the problem of fake news, of their impact on civil society and of the danger they constitute to solidarity at European level. Furthermore, the collection and exchange of good practices adopted to combat fake news, starting from a study of the sources, of the functioning of the fact-checking IT tools will be useful to citizens to have concrete tools to become actively involved in the detection of fake news. Providing digital skills to citizens, giving them a collection of good practices adopted in Europe against fake news will be the main impact of the project in the long run, thanks to a free toolkit that will be always available to everyone and will ensure its sustainability even involving other countries not directly involved.

Project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.