Upscale Your Skills

Upscale Your Skills

Project Description

Due to globalization and fast digital transition many young people in Europe are faced with not adequate soft and employment skills together with the need to find opportunities to improve these skills to keep up with the demanding labor market needs. As per EU’s “Skills Agenda for Europe” where they stated that “too few young people have the entrepreneurship mindset and to evolve their competences to the demanding requirements of the labor market”.

The project “Upscale Your Skills” aims to tackle it by organizing this youth mobility and providing opportunities for young people in our communities to upscale their skills and that we as non-governmental organizations do our part in local communities. With this project we aim to raise their awareness of the importance of soft skills and how these skills with proper validation can contribute to their job opportunities. make better use of the soft skills, to equip young people with the new skills that are needed, and to help them find and create quality jobs and improve their life chances in their communities and countries.

Also, the project contributes to the “European Year of Skills” which was announced by the European Commission.

– Provide tools for young people to develop their soft skills for better employability opportunities.
– Find the ways to adapt adequately and be more competent towards the rapidly changing labor market’s needs and digital transition.
– Develop entrepreneurship skills of young people from participating countries.
– Gain more knowledge about opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme including Erasmus for young entrepreneurs.
– Enhance youth activism and sense of initiative.
– Promote European cooperation in the field of youth.
– Improved communication in mother tongue and English.
– Raised cultural awareness among young people from several European countries.
– Increased knowledge about soft skills and quality employability opportunities.
– Hands-on experience on digital tools they can use to write the business plan, budget their idea and to put their idea into action (funding).
– Enhanced understanding of the importance of soft skills.
– Increased organizational and planning skills.
– Encouraged use of non-formal education as an effective way of learning.
  • Preparatory meeting: 19-20th September 2023.
  • Youth exchange: 15-21st October 2023.
The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.