Sport connects you(th)

Sport connects you(th)

Project Description

Sport is a lot more than just physical activity. Sport can help young people develop healthy lifestyles, additionally, it can teach valuable life skills, help with an individual’s personal development process and can serve as a tool for social inclusion of different groups in society.

Sport methods and outdoor activities can help youngsters in this target group to develop a wide range of social skills. We strongly believe that sport as a common language, that can be used in this direction to integrate in the society and to promote together with the education that can bring, the values of tolerance, freedom, fair play, respect and many more. Sport is useful tool for breaking stereotypes (facilitating the process of integration of immigrants and minorities in the society), promoting mutual understanding and inter-cultural dialogue (use sport as an universal language) and facilitating the process of social inclusion. The overall aim of the project is to gather together young people from European countries and to show them the possibilities of youth integration through sports.

By implementing this project we aim to train youth leaders with skills and methodologies for social inclusion through non-formal education for the prevention of NEET situations and to define and develop sport activities by using sports as method for social inclusion which will be practiced by participants, NGOs, local communities and other youth organizations.

The overall project objectives are following:

– To create tools which will serve for youth with fewer opportunities inclusion through sport activities;
– To enable youth leaders and organizations to engage in a more active, professional and consequential youth action practice;
– To equip youth workers from 7 countries with knowledge and skills on how to use sports and physical activity as tools for increasing active participation and inclusion of young people, with a special focus on those with fewer opportunities;
– To develop young people skills such as, solidarity, empathy and tolerance through sport initiatives;
– To raise participants knowledge and gain new experiences on sport and outdoor activities as tools of social integration and education;
– To develop young people skills and competences to become more active and responsible European citizens.

Project “Sport connects you(th)” had two activities – Training Course and Youth Exchange. In the Training Course was involved 16 youth workers from 7 different European organizations. In the Youth Exchange was involved 35 young people from 7 different European organizations.

The BOOKLET of sport games you can find HERE.

Project partners:

  1. Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu – Poland
  5. Asociación “Eo, Eo” – Spain
  6. FAJUB – Federação das Associações Juvenis de Braga – Portugal


Training Course was implemented between 13-18th October, 2022.

Youth Exchange was implemented between 13-21 November, 2022.


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