Empowerment through menstrual health education

Empowerment through menstrual health education

Project Description

The small-scale project “Empowerment through menstrual health education” involves three countries (Poland, Lithuania and Spain) and aim to exchange experiences of the organization’s staff, their ways and methods of working with youth through non-formal education with a special focus on those at risk of exclusion and those with disabilities. Participants will deepen their knowledge of exclusion and menstrual health in their country and Europe, which will make their work with youth even more effective and engaging.


During workshops, panel discussions and group work, participants will exchange good practices in working with young people with a particular focus on the needs of those at risk of exclusion and those with disabilities. They will also deepen their knowledge of menstrual exclusion and learn about its consequences, learn more about gynecological health and how to promote it among young people. They will learn how to create effective social campaigns.


We will establish good, valuable and long-term partnerships between participating organizations from Spain, Poland and Lithuania. We will exchange good practices on methods of working with young people, with special attention to the needs of people with disabilities, in the context of promoting menstrual health and fighting menstrual taboos and exclusion. All campaigns, toolkits and materials created during all three activities will be posted on a multilingual website.


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