Project Description

The youth exchange project “EU2YOUTH – Volume 2” aims encourage more young people to be aware and engaged in EU matters, its institutions, in particular European Parliament and decision making processes. We want to provide knowledge and space for young people to discuss democracy, strengthen European values and create an opportunity for young people to express their views, debate on topics important to them through EP simulation and how they see future of Europe. Together with follow up actions we want to create a bigger community-based impact which will as a consequence have more young people willing to go out and vote on the next European Parliament elections scheduled for June 2024.

Having in mind the needs which the projects aims to address we identified following objectives:
1. To contribute to a more politically-aware, politically-engaged youth by analyzing level of political engagement of youth
2. To familiarize youth with the institutions of the European union, focusing on European Parliament, and its decision making
3. To provide knowledge and space for youth to discuss democracy, fundamental rights and to strengthen European values
4. Opportunity for young people to express their views and stimulate active participation by actually experiencing decision-making process through the simulation methods.
Additional objective focusing on youth organisations/educators:
To provide effective tool for organisations, working in the field of increasing youth participation, which would help to educate and grow youth community interested in EU matters.

The project will consist of two main activities:

  1. Preparatory meeting – attended by the youth leaders from 7 participating countries and a facilitator.
  2. Youth exchange – a 7 working day youth exchange gathering 42 young participants in Kaunas, Lithuania.


  1. Preparatory meeting – 9-11 May, 2024
  2. Youth exchange: 31 May – 8 June, 2024

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.