Project Description

SPACE4US aims at developing and testing an innovative and integrated model for the individual and collective empowerment of young women, based on blended-experiential learning activities, to foster the social inclusion of girls at risk of marginalisation. It aims to provide youth workers with quality tools and creative methodologies to design and implement such activities, directly involving the target groups through participative and inclusive processes.

The first objective of SPACE4US will be to provide a framework as up-to-date as possible of the different contexts that generate inequality and marginalisation of girls: patriarchal families, culturally deprived families, schools unable to cope with bullying, social media, etc.; and specific to different territories across Europe.

This project seeks to raise awareness of the problems and challenges they face by giving them a “voice” and highlighting their everyday experiences. Hence, the project wants to design and experiment new support strategies to help these girls reach their full potential, through activities, digital tools and spaces tailored to their individual and shared needs. The project aims to find the “key to collective empowerment”, when bringing together adolescents at risk of exclusion (also with their peers experiencing less hardships) seems to be the first challenge. This challenge also stems from the sometimes conflictual and selective nature of girls of this age (perhaps often determined by the social pressures to which they are exposed), who on many occasions tend to close themselves off in restricted and impermeable groups.

The real core of the project is built around this objective: a model capable of “attracting”, with innovative and stimulating workshops/activities, those girls who tend not to participate in common socialising contexts. This in order to trigger in them a mechanism of trust and interest, which in turn will lead them to continue to attend these spaces – both virtual and real – spontaneously, also in the future.

Organisations involved:

Mano Europa Lithuania
L’Albero cooperativa sociale Onlus (Italy)
Udruga za rad s mladima Breza (Croatia)
Iscte – Instituto Universitario de Lisboa (Portugal)
Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain)
Asociación NOESSO (No Estás Sólo) (Spain)


More information comming soon…