Project Description


The project “YOUTHPRENEURS+” identifies a link between self-awareness and youth unemployment in a way that if youngsters are aware of their individual potential, they will be more open and confidant to create and implement business ideas that will consequently create possible employment opportunities. As such, project aims to support young people in helping youth to overcome unemployment and its consequences, through developing young people’s competences and knowledge in the areas of self-awareness, entrepreneurship thus contributing towards the creation of employment opportunities.

Objectives of the project:
1. To raise awareness among young people from six different European countries about the importance of young entrepreneurs and their role in the shaping of the future European society.
2. Widen the knowledge; equipping with right skills and competences for starting a business.
3. Exchange knowledge, experience and good practices on entrepreneurship
4. Encourage youth participation in starting their own business as entrepreneurs.
5. Foster creativity, competitiveness, and sense of initiative toward self-employment.
6. Empower young people to take initiatives on promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment on local level.
7. To create concrete business start-up plans through team work of the young participants, in a multicultural environment, through the use of non-formal education methods.
8. To strengthen networking among NGO and the youth and to encourage youngsters to participate in the EU projects.

This project will enhance competences and improve transversal, soft skills of young people through art workshops and activities, in order to empower them for the labor market. They will build their own business ideas, develop skills, the sense of initiative in entrepreneurship through non formal activities, disseminate them to others and share views with the local community.


This project involved two main activities which were implemented in Guarda (Portugal):
1) APV betwen 25 – 26 June, 2021 ;
2) Youth Exchange 1 – 9 August, 2021.
During the APV, team leaders from each country discussed the details regarding the participants preparation, as well as activities and non-formal learning methods for the youth exchange. During the youth exchange each partner organization sent 4 participants + 1 team leader (which previously attended the APV).The profile of the participants:
– Age: between 18 and 25 years old.
– participants who have business idea but don’t know how to put ideas into practice
– young people who want to get self-employed
– young people who are in NEET category
The project involved youth facing social, economical or geographical obstacles in order to evaluate their competences in the way of looking for a new opportunity in the labor market through self-employment.
🇪🇺 Project was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
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