Let’s fight unemployment

Let’s fight unemployment

Project Description

Youth exchange “Let’s fight unemployment” was implemented in 2018.

The project “Let’s FUN” identifies a link between self-awareness and youth unemployment in a way that if youngsters are aware of their individual potential, they will be more open and confidant to create projects that will increase that potential, consequently creating possible employment opportunities. As such, “Let’s FUN” aims to support youth workers in helping youth to overcome unemployment and its consequences, through developing young people’s competences and knowledge in the areas of self-awareness, entrepreneurship, healthy behaviors, communication, contributing towards the creation of employment opportunities.

Aims of the project:

  • To improve participants’ and other target group’s skills and employability.
  • To promote European cooperation in the field of youth.
  • To promote active citizenship.
  • To sensitize the participants about the “ Youth Unemployment” that’s is the common issue all over the world.
  • To encourage youngsters to participate in the EU projects and produce future projects. The project writing is a great and useful tool for implementing your ideas.
  • To empower the youth with skills that can enable them create their own employment and absorb other youth hence more job created as well becoming self reliant.

The main aim of the youth exchange is to combat unemployment and lack of opportunities among disadvantaged youth employability, by offering youth workers who support solutions and tools to support them in their quest to become promoters of social entrepreneurship in their communities part. Moreover, to raise awareness and knowledge among young people about their options on the labor market, what skills they possess and how to transfer those skills into value for good employment – what are the best ways to search and apply for a job, and how do you prepare for a job interview. Furthermore, project will introduce youth workers, youth leaders and youth in general with tools and resources that can be used to help youngsters to fight youth unemployment.

Project Details