“Youth2EUrope” Youth meeting in Setubal

“Youth2EUrope” Youth meeting in Setubal

Youth Meeting of the “Youth2EUrope” project was held in Setùbal (Portugal) from 1 to 7 May 2023. The meeting involved 25 young participants from all the countries involved: Italy, Lithuania, Croatia and Portugal for 7 days of activities on the topics such as democracy, European Political Agenda for 2019-2024, European Parliament functions and powers, as well as upcoming European Parliament elections in 2024.

The Youth meeting helped youngsters to understand about the importance of democracy and gave an opportunity to participate in the simulation of elections. Additionally, participants got to know better about the European Political Agenda and learned more on what is the European Political Agenda for 2019-2024. What is more, they learned more about the European Parliament, its functions and powers, and how political groups and Committees in the European Parliament are being organized.

One of the main goals and results of the Youth meeting was developed awareness campaigns that will be implemented in their home countries with the aim to create a positive impact by making their voices heard and encourage other young people to be motivated to become active citizens.

Moments of the Youth meeting which happened between 1-7 May 2023 in Setubal, Portugal.

This activity definitely inspired and increased youth awareness that the key to defining the future of the EU is the choices of young people and their active participation. By implementing awareness campaigns, young people will be reaching those citizens who need to be more involved in civic participation in their everyday life.

More about the Y2EU project you can READ HERE.

🇪🇺 The event was implemented as a part of the “Youth2EUrope” [Y2EU] project which is financed by the European Commission under CERV programme.

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