Y2EU training for youth workers in Osijek, Croatia

Y2EU training for youth workers in Osijek, Croatia

From September 4th to 8th, 15 youth workers from four different countries visited Osijek, Croatia to participate in training. The main purpose of the training was to equip them with valuable tools and knowledge to light up the passion for European Union (EU) matters in young minds. Moreover, this training aimed to develop skills in youth workers, needed to encourage active participation and democratic engagement among Europe‘s youth.

The main activity of the 5-day seminar was simulation, which provided knowledge for youth workers about the European Parliament simulation game that can be applied and practiced in their daily work with young people. In this simulation game, young people are given a chance to express themselves on decision-making topics of the EU agenda, taking on the role of Member of the European Parliament, Head of State, Minister in The Council, or journalist. Having to deal with the real policy makers’ difficulties, youth develops needed qualities to make European democracy work.

In addition, youth workers were provided with a better understanding of the decision-making process of the European Union. Lastly, youth workers were introduced with good practices that supports the development of knowledge, the strengthening of skills and the formation of attitudes and behaviors that are the basis of social and political engagement of young citizens.

The training resulted in youth workers gaining the needed competence for organising European Parliament simulation game in participating countries (Croatia, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal). By equipping these individuals with the tools and knowledge they need, this training results in active citizenship and democratic participation among Europe’s youth, ensuring a brighter and more engaged future for all.

The meeting was implemented as a part of the CERV project „Youth2Europe“ which is funded by the European Commission.

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