“Europe is Female” – join the activities in 4 European cities!

“Europe is Female” – join the activities in 4 European cities!

The aim of the project “Europe is Female” is to portray female European role models through diverse artistic creation, also, to portray not so well known but important female and create space for them to create the artworks. During activities female participants will be guided through the process by diverse artists that will introduce them to some form of art and will help them in producing the final outcome.

The project involves only female participants (18-30 years old) from Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia and Germany.

Workshops will be held in all 4 participating countries and the group of participants will continue coworking on the final output – an exhibition which will take place in Berlin in December 2023 and will focus on the process.

Project consists of 4 different activities/workshops:
1. Workshop in Portugal (24-28 September 2023)
2. Workshop in Croatia (Dubrovnik) (25-29 October 2023)
3. Workshop in Lithuania (Kaunas) (19-23 November 2023)
4. Workshop in Germany (Berlin) (8-12 December 2023)

Project is co-funded by the EU under Erasmus+ programme.

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