Youth exchange in SARDEGNA

Youth exchange in SARDEGNA

Youth exchange “In Natura” was created to address very important issues, at European and global level, namely the safeguarding, protection and enhancement of the natural heritage. Although the project theme is linked to the environment, we would like to specify that various sessions will take
place during the exchange, aimed at individual, group, cultural, educational, social and pro-tolerance growth. How to enhance the natural heritage, how to defend it, identify the various problems of pollution or environmental disfigurement and look together for the solutions to solve them, these are the objectives that our project sets itself.

The other objectives will be, in addition to personal and group growth for each participant and
organization, aimed at self-improvement, the involvement of as many people as possible and the raising of awareness about this very important issue. During our project, a primary objective will also be to promote the Erasmus+ program, which supports us and allows us to try to make this planet a better place.


📍 Sardegna (Santa Teresa di Gallura). Participants will be accommodated in La Liccia camping.
🗓 Dates: 23 – 30 May, 2023 (including travel days).
👫 Age: 20-29 years old.
🛫 Travel expenses up to 275 Eur/person, catering and accommodation are financed by the project.

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