KA2 Strategic Partnership Cooperation

KA2 Strategic Partnership Cooperation

Mano Europa association is a partner in KA2 Strategic Partnership Cooperation project “Fake the system: EU tools against disinformation”.

Project aims to counteract the disinformation and fake news, especially those that focus on pro-European issues. The danger of manipulating news relating to the European Union is in fact a current and real phenomenon: through the massive use of misleading trend hashtags and unreliable journalistic sources, true European policies in favor of the spread of fake news that foment a climate of dissent towards the community institutions.

On the contrary, one of the community objectives is to favor a correct one information and to foster communication with citizens, promoting all the work and non-work opportunities it offers.

The transnational initiative involves institutions from 6 European countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain.

Number of project: 2020-3-IT03-KA205-019960
Programme: Erasmus + KA2 Cooperation Partnership
Project website.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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