[October] Open call – Training in North Macedonia!

[October] Open call – Training in North Macedonia!

Drawing on years of experience in the youth field, the project team has identified a critical need to enhance the quality and impact of youth work for young people with fewer opportunities by improving the competencies of youth workers in using sport and outdoor learning tools and methodologies. These competencies are applicable not only in the educational field but also in projects and direct work with young people. Youth workers use many tools, such as sports-based games, outreach programs, and outdoor pursuits, which are based on experiential learning processes. However, the importance of this process is often overlooked, and many young people miss out on potential learning opportunities.

The project targets youth workers who are dedicated to working with young people with fewer opportunities in their local reality, have basic knowledge (or would like to gain knowledge) of facilitating sport and outdoor-based learning processes, and have a desire to apply their newly gained competencies in developing new sport education tools that increase the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

During this seminar Youth Workers will:

  • learn about the importance of physical activity for overall health and well being. They will gain knowledge of the positive impact of physical activity on young people’s physical, emotional, and social development.
  • be in position to learn about a variety of sports and physical activities that are appropriate for different age groups, abilities, and interests. They will also learn how to adapt and modify activities to make them inclusive and accessible for all young people.
  • gain practical skills and learn how to plan, organise, and deliver safe and engaging sports and physical activities. This includes skills in setting goals, designing activities, adapting to different group needs, and managing risk.
  • develop skills in relation how to use sports and physical activities as a tool for social and emotional learning. This includes skills in creating a positive and supportive group environment, promoting teamwork and cooperation, and facilitating discussions and reflection.
  • develop attitudes of inclusiveness, equity, and diversity. They will learn how to create a safe and welcoming environment that is inclusive of all young people, regardless of their background, ability, or identity.
  • acquire or improve a range of competences applicable to youth work practice, including communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. These competences are important for effective youth work practice, and can be developed through the practical experience of planning and delivering sports and physical activities.
📍 Popova Shapka, North Macedonia.
🗓 Dates: 7-15 October, 2023 (including travel days).
👫 Age: 18+ years old.
🛫 Travel expenses up to 275 Eur/person, catering and accommodation are financed by the project.

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